(Insert clever acknowledgement of how unnatural it is to write your own bio)

Greg's been on TV! You can see Greg guest star in Episode 3 of Brian Regan’s Stand Up & Away on Netflix! He's also co-starred on NBC's Great News, YouTube Red's Good Game, CBS's Angel from Hell, & ABC's The Muppets! He's also been in over 12 commercials for 9 brands! But his Mom is still dead! What!?

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, to immigrant parents from Cuba, (Hollywood likes Diversity) Greg made his way out to San Diego, CA where he started doing Stand Up Comedy in 2009. Now in Los Angeles, Greg has performed at Big Sky Comedy Festival (2018), SF Sketchfest (2018-2016), RIOT LA (LA’s Alt Comedy Festival) in 2015 & 2014 & the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (2014) & opens for many comedians he does not feel like name dropping to further boost his image (it's mainly Michael Kosta from the Daily Show, there you happy?).  

He also does Sketch Comedy! What!? You can see Greg monthly at Westside Comedy Theatre on their Main Stage Sketch Team: The Westside Sketch Company. Each month they produce a brand new hour of live sketch comedy.

He also does Digital Sketch! What!? His character, The Cop Who LOVES being Filmed has been seen over 3.7 Million times! His former sketch group, Tunguska Yacht Club (now The Yacht Club because you idiots can't spell), has been featured by Mas Mejor, Comedy Central, Playboy.com, Funny or Die, Huffington Post Comedy, Men’s Humor, You Tube What’s Popular, The 2012 International Song Writing Competition, and countless Eastern European sites he can not understand.  

Greg also co-wrote, co-produced, and participated in a Publisher’s Clearing House Prank on his best friend, Reed Hahn, which was featured on MTV’s Prank’d Season 2, TRU TV’s Top 20 Most Shocking Pranks (2010), TRU TV’s Top 20 Funniest Big Check, No Money (2013), TRU TV’s World’s Dumbest (2013), and TRU TV’s Totally Random (2015).

Greg is tired of writing Greg.